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Supply Chain and Logistics: The Same Thing or Something Totally Different?

Are supply chain and logistics the same thing? Or is logistics a stage of the supply chain? The answer is quite simple...

How Big is 2 Million Sq Ft of Warehouse Space?

About 1.35 times bigger than the Pentagon or 2 times as big as the Parliament Hill quadrangle. When we say that we can accommodate your product, no matter the size - we aren't kidding!

Pick & Pack: We Can Do That!

MTE's Pick & Pack services provide our clients with a complete range of order fulfillment options.

5 Ways to Reduce Warehouse Inventory Levels

Successful inventory optimization has a number of advantages for your bottom line. Work with your 3PL to identify solutions and cost-saving opportunities, starting with these five strategies!

What is Cross Docking and How Can it Benefit You?

In simplest terms, cross docking is the practice of unloading product from incoming transport and reloading that product for outbound distribution with little-to-no warehousing or storage time between.

Flexible COVID-19 Solutions

MTE is ready and available to support clients across all industries to keep the flow of goods moving, as the unknown continues to be part of our lives.

3PL Warehousing: General & Contract – What’s the Difference?

Broadly speaking, general warehousing offers the most flexibility and scalability, while contract warehousing provides more control and stable costs. Choosing which one is right for your company will depend on your unique needs.

Strategic 3PL Partnerships Strengthen the Supply Chain

The logistics industry is seeing a shift toward meaningful strategic partnerships between 3PL providers and their clients, resulting in more dynamic and responsive supply chains.

MTE Logistix celebrates 100 years!

Motor Truck Express, established in 1920, has grown to become one of Western Canada’s largest 3PL providers and we couldn't be more proud.

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