Pick & Pack

We understand that your customers expect quick service, which is why most of our order fulfillment services offer same-day shipment. Our team seamlessly processes hundreds of piece picking and case picking orders daily, managing the entire process start to finish.

  1. Orders: Processed through our Customer Service Team, orders that hit the warehouse floor are immediately prioritized and dispatched to the pick line area.
  2. Picking: Our flexible warehouse facilities allow us to pick from pallets, shelf zones or bins.
  3. Verification: Each or piece pick orders are directed to a sorting area where the products are double checked for accuracy before being packaged for shipment.
  4. Inventory Management: Our Warehouse Management System tracks all inventory, manages replenishment of static pick locations from dynamic overstock, and keeps all date code and expiry code records intact.
From Start to Finish, We Manage the Entire Process Invisibly

MTE employee doing pick pack order fulfillment on pick line at MTE Calgary warehouse

Our pick & pack order fulfillment becomes a seamless and invisible extension of your customer service function. MTE provides complete customer order fulfillment with no operation restrictions, including:

  • rush, time sensitive and after-hours order processing
  • EDI compatible client system integration
  • client specific tracking of part numbers, lot codes, expiry dates and serial numbers
  • pallet, case and piece pick order fulfillment order consolidation
  • freight and parcel management solutions to end user with tracking capabilities
  • order and shipment confirmations
  • we can ship product with your paperwork so end users see only your company name