3PL Warehousing: General & Contract

MTE offers 3PL warehousing in two forms: general (or "shared") and contract (or "dedicated"). Both options offer flexible space and scalability, and provide you with technology and staff tailored to your specific needs. Save money by partnering with MTE Logistix and skip the overhead investment costs - we have the facilities, equipment, technology and people to meet virtually any need.

Even our clients with the resources to manage their own logistics find that outsourcing to MTE Logistix results in consistently superior outcomes. This is because we work tirelessly every day to earn, and keep, your business.

What Can You Expect From Any of Our 3PL Warehouse Solutions?

  • Assured Productivity: Guaranteed warehouse productivity levels and proven best-practices in distribution resulting in minimal downtime, faster response and shipping times, better inventory control and less damaged product.
  • Human Resource Management: We hire, train, and manage staff, and coordinate all HR functions including health benefits, insurance and WCB.
  • Scalability: Virtually unlimited flexibility with space and equipment. Expand, grow and change your storage to suit the needs of your business.

How Do General and Contract Warehouse Solutions Differ?

General (Shared) Warehousing

General 3PL warehouse - MTE Logistix Edmonton warehouse

Your products are held in a shared-use facility alongside products from other clients in an MTE owned facility dedicated specifically to 3PL warehousing. We have a pooled labour model which allows us to be flexible to your business needs and volumes with no service interruption or cost.

Terms and Fees

  • short- and long-term storage available
  • no warehouse leases and/or term rental agreements required
  • pay for what you use: our competitive rate plans and extremely flexible spaces save you money
  • monthly inventory storage: charged on all units stored in our warehouses based on calendar month and your daily average volume

Contract (Dedicated) Warehousing

Contract warehouse - MTE Logistix Edmonton warehouse

We become your distribution arm, operating at your direction, either in your facility or in ours. Outsource your warehouse operations while retaining full control over how your business runs and focusing on your core strengths.

Scope of Service
Working closely with you, we specify and define roles, and then execute to those parameters. As required:

  • a dedicated team, including staff and management working exclusively on your contract, is assigned to focus on your business
  • equipment and/or technology is supplied to support your operations

Terms and Fees
Term contracts with either fixed or flexible rate plans

  • cost-plus rate structure allowing total visibility of your financial results
  • monthly inventory storage: charged on all units stored in our warehouses based on calendar month and your daily average volume