Cross Dock

Use our warehouse services in conjunction with a cross dock to unload your incoming goods, stage your order and reload it for outbound distribution in the same quantity that it came in at, or in different quantities at different times to different locations. Modify your supply chain to best suit your procurement levels without worrying about the logistic details.

We break bulk pallets, sort, re-palletize and ship to your end user customers or back to your own facilities, distribution centres or branches. Our locations in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta make our cross dock services especially valuable for importers and brokers.

Order overseas container quantities and we will use our docks and our people for destuffing either palletized shipments or floor-loaded hand-bombs. Order product in dry-vans and we will cross dock it to flat-deck for job-site unloading.

We Have You Covered

Loading a container

With 20+ warehouse facilities, more than 30 rail doors and 200+ dock doors, we have the capacity to handle any volume.

  • container stuffing/destuffing, product consolidation and palletization
  • railcar, import/export container, dry van, truck, flat deck loading and unloading
  • temporary staging for early arrival of project inventory
  • drayage and freight arrangements to our warehouse and to the end user
  • 100% accuracy with quick turnaround times

  • Allows you to order full rail cars without having your own rail spur
  • Readily available manpower for hand-bomb container destuffing
  • Reduces handling costs and transportation costs
  • Increases your own capacity, or eliminates the need for your own warehouse facility
  • Handling labour charge by the piece or by the hour
Railcars outside MTE