Inventory & Order Management

MTE’s recognized experience within a variety of industries, accompanied with a controlled order fulfillment process, allows us to provide clients with accurate inventory and order management. We manage some of the most complex supply chain requirements through to simple distribution models. Whether you have continuous high-volume products, ranging from bulk palletized loads right down to individual case or each pick items, MTE Logistix is well equipped to support clients with accuracy, speed and flexibility so you can better serve your customers.

As your reliable partner, we offer:

Order Management

MTE employee scanning bar code for inventory management / order management
  • System Integration with other supply chain technology (EDI systems, Ecommerce, ERP)
  • Highly adaptable Warehouse Management System that allows for flexible workflows and order management
  • Order fulfillment includes case pick, piece pick or each pick
  • Optimized order fulfillment for accurate and on-time performance
  • Build multiple outbound orders and pallet configurations for varying customers
  • Track shipment to end user customer

Inventory Management

MTE employee doing case pick for inventory management
  • Break-bulk and cross-dock facilities for full or mixed pallets
  • Long-term or short-term storage and handling
  • Consolidated inbound receipts from various vendors, production/manufacturing plants or 3rd party suppliers
  • Accurate inventory management on a wide range of products, sizes, weights, rotation rules and other SKU requirements
  • Clients have real time visibility and access to a variety of inventory reports

MTE Logistix is dedicated to fulfilling your promise to the customer and our promise to you!