How Big is 3.5 Million Sq Ft of Warehouse Space?

About 3 times bigger than the Parliament Hill quadrangle. More than 200 NHL sized hockey rinks. We aren't exaggerating when we say that we can accommodate your product - any size, any volume!

Pick & Pack: We Can Do That!

MTE's Pick & Pack services provide our clients with a complete range of order fulfillment options.

Flexible COVID-19 Solutions

MTE is ready and available to support clients across all industries to keep the flow of goods moving, as the unknown continues to be part of our lives.

Co-Packing: We Can Do That!

We provide a full range of promotional co-packaging services including item insertion, box or case assembly, repacking, labelling and stickering.

Cooler Storage: We Can Do That!

MTE operates more than 1 million square feet of AIB, GMP & FDA certified warehouse space with offers food grade warehousing with storage options ranging from ambient temperature to refrigerated storage to 2°C.

Heavy Lift: We Can Do That!

MTE Logistix has the equipment and facilities to handle and store oversized product and meet heavy lift requirements to 10,000+ lbs.

Seasonal Fulfillment: We Can Do That!

MTE Logistix provides custom designed strategies to support periods of intense demand, helping our clients to maximize profitability during seasonal peak periods.