Shifting Towards Meaningful Partnerships

In recent years the logistics industry has experienced a shift toward meaningful strategic partnerships between 3PL providers and their clients, resulting in more dynamic and responsive supply chains. This shift is creating competitive advantages, enabling companies to speed their products to market and flex their capabilities up or down based on demand.

One of the top contributing factors to the rising demand for 3PL services in the global logistics market is a growing focus on core competencies among shippers and manufacturers.

Companies that do not have the expertise, technological capabilities or resources to accomplish their goals are increasingly engaging outside resources in order to stay competitive. At the same time, logistics service providers are focusing more on their own core competencies and identifying opportunities where their specific capabilities can create additional value for their clients.

Collaborative relationships are generating reliable solutions, improving the end-user experience for the customer and creating greater overall value for shippers and manufacturers. Working together to align business and operational goals, both parties are expected to invest in the relationship and share in the returns on investment.

3PL’s and the Supply Chain

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