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Within the local centres of Calgary AB and Edmonton AB, we offer local cartage and delivery at exceptionally affordable rates.


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We Can Deliver Or Arrange To Have Your Products Picked Up  


With some of our own trucking assets and some carefully nurtured relationships with selected contractors, we can delivery your products within the city and region on request, and can arrange pickup of product from local vendor and suppliers for return to our warehouses.



We Have The Resources To Handle Your Volume, No Job Is To Big Or Small For Us


Whether one box, one pallet, or a truckload, our local cartage and delivery is a prompt, efficient, courteous and cost-effective solution.

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Wherever You Are, We Can Help


In business since 1925, MTE Logistix has grown to its present position as a significant regional service provider covering Alberta with its physical presence and covering all of Western Canada within a max 2nd-day transportation reach.

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Our Transportation Management Delivers True Cost Savings

As a non-asset based transportation provider, our expertise is in arranging inbound and outbound freight delivery for our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner. By managing at arms length relationships with external carriers. MTE Logistix can deliver true freight and delivery cost savings for many clients.






Leverage Our World Wide Relationships


Our transportation management influence also covers the world through relationships with various courier companies. Again, our discount structures are aimed at providing the best possible value for your transportation needs.


We Provide Clients With Valuable Discounts


At MTE Logistix we combine the strength of all of our clients, MTE accumulate the total freight volume, identifying the best local and long-distance carriers across all destinations then we negotiate discount rates.  MTE then passes the value of those discounts on to each individual client.


We Coordinate Your Freight Transactions


By managing at-arms-length relationships with external carriers, MTE can deliver true freight and delivery cost savings for many clients. Beyond the cost value, we assume the role of selecting and coordinating the best freight carriers for your needs, paying carriers on a timely basis while offering you consolidated monthly billing, and we manage the OS&D process and much of the claims process. 


We Are Ready To Work With You

We're ready to work with you now, so if you have plans for that could benefit from our services and experience, let us know.
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MTE Can Accommodate Your E-Commerce Needs

In addition to the Customer Service teams personal touch with your transactions, MTE can accommodate your E-Commerce needs.


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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Is The Preferred E-Commerce Methodology For Large Clients With Significant Volumes


With some initial mapping and system setup, our EDI interface can accommodate:

  • Warehouse Shipping Orders (940) 
  • Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice (943)
  • Advance Shipping Notice (856) to client or clients end user
  • Functional Order Acknowledgement (997)
  • Warehouse Shipping Advice / ASN (945)
  • Warehouse Inventory Adjustments (947)
  • Inventory Inquiry (846)
  • Multiple other EDI transaction sets available on request


Net-View Internet Web-Access To Warehouse Management System Is Available For Any Client, Large Or Small.

This secure web server application allows clients access to our WMS and provides:

  • Full visibility of client inventory; check inventory quantity and current status
  • Complete inventory details; including lot codes, serial numbers, & expiry dates
  • Real time tracking of open client transactions; inbound or outbound
  • Clients create their own inventory or activity reports, for printing or download
  • Easy client entry of new shipping orders



Install Your System At Our Site & Relieve Yourself Of The Transactional Task-Work

Client Systems are also an E-commerce solution used at MTE, with numerous mid-size and larger clients installing their systems at our sites.  Working together, customer service staff and/or warehouse staff execute transactions directly on the client supplied system.  For SAP, JD Edwards, or other large scale ERP systems, we can relieve you of transactional task-work and speed up the communication flow of information.


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Our Warehouse Management System Provides Leading Edge Inventory Management

MTE`s robust Warehouse Management System provides state of the art inventory management.


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Inventory Tracking


Inventory Tracking by part number, item number, product lot code or batch code, product expiry date, item serial number, pallet conveyance number, or other specified fields, our WMS will manage the inventory whichever way you need.


Inventory Rotation


Inventory rotation rules are specified by the client. Standard First-In-First-Out methodology is used by most clients, however we can accommodate any rules based scheme.


Quality Control Management


Incoming inspection and Quality Control management policies are defined by client need, from our standard “quantity and condition” inspection, to full ISO-compliant quality inspection routines. We ensure warehouse staff are trained and knowledgeable in how you need inspections performed.



Documentation Management


Documentation management is integrated with WMS, and can be used for tracking Certificates of Compliance, Material Test Reports, Batch Control documents, or MSDS sheets, and for making sure that the right documents follow the product into shipping.


Holds & Inspection


Product Holds are important, for quality inspection purposes, recall control, lot/batch code variances, or for damage reasons,. All hold product is physical segregated in a warehouse quarantine area, and our WMS prevents it from being allocated until a final disposition is provided.



Reporting & Monitoring


Our management reporting and stock replenishment monitoring is extremely robust,. With full movement reporting available and traceability on all batch/lot coded product managing your inventory has never been easier.

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